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  1. Leanne Merritt

    Hi Diann! I bought some herbs from you last year and was curious what different herbs you are growing this year? I hope to catch you at The Clarksville Farmer’s Market again. Will you be attending any of the dates?

    Leanne Merritt

  2. Bobbi Martin

    I was super excited to see your workshop about making a fairy garden, but noticed it was from 3-6 on a weekday. Is there going to be another workshop to accommodate use working moms? Is the event for the full 3hrs?

  3. Diann

    Sorry. I should have thought of that; I was thinking only of children being out of school. I will certainly change the time to a more convenient time to working moms next year.

  4. Sheryl Butcher

    Diann, is there still space available for the August workshop? If so would you sign me up, please? I have paid for 3 workshops and according to the newsletter I would get the 4th free. Please let me know if there is still room and how much I would owe you.

    Thank you for all the help and advice.


  5. Marilyn Penna

    I attended one of your workshops two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. My family loves the herbed focaccia and lemon pound cake you taught us to make. I am using a lot more fresh herbs in my cooking than I used to. I want to grow some herbs this winter and wondered if you had the following plants: bay laurel, lemon thyme, lemon balm, lemon grass, sage and thyme? Hoping all is well with you. Marilyn

  6. Melinda

    Hi, I’m looking for different herbs in a bundle to possibly use at a wedding.
    Do you sell anything like this?


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